2017 Spring Lecture
Language: English
Time: 13:00-14:30 AM (90 min), Tuesday & Thursday, Spring 2017
Place: Rm. 119, Basic Research Building (E6-6)

Course Description: This course will discuss the principle of modern biophotonic technologies to implement various in vivo imaging system with its current and future application for biomedical research by integrating nanotechnology. This couse will focus on introducing the emerging state of the art optical visualization techniques and getting idea of what breakthrough they can possibly make. 

1week        Introduction   
2week        In Vivo Imaging Systems   
3week        Principles of Fluorescence    
4week        Fluorescence Microscopy   
5week        In Vivo Confocal Microscopy    
6week        In Vivo Two-Photon Microscopy   
7week        Applications of In Vivo Microscopy   
8week        Mid-term Exam   
9week        Advanced Fluorescence Imaging
10week      Whole-Body Fluorescence Imaging
11week      Non-linear Microscopy (Non-labelling)
12week      Super-resolution Microscopy (Nanoscopy)
13week      Optical Tomography
14week      Nano Technologies for In Vivo Imaging
15week      Future Perspectives
16week      Final-term Exam

Evaluation: Mid-term evaluation (30%), Final report (70%)
Teaching Assistant: TBD

NST554  In Vivo Imaging System

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